"I say that one must be a seer, make oneself a seer"


Graphite is a medium which allows me to reach this invisible entity beyond perceptible defined by the Amerindians : "the World of Stories".

As a ritual, I learn to see in the black matter of my blank page.

Creation plunges me into inner silence, it gives me access to a frequency which exceeds dimensions of space and time.

I disappear into the great mystery of existence and I face with enigmas of humanity : love which hold us and unfailing death. Ecstasy and terror of being alive.

Past, present and future are inscribed on a same fiber lost in the Unknown. Absorbed by magic of present moment, I seek the thread of nothingness heart. I have this visceral need to weave, to draw forgetfulness and souvenir of what I have been, of what I am and will be